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Lally business professor in front of a projector screenResearch at the Lally School spans traditional and interdisciplinary areas including financial technology, supply chain analytics, data-driven decision-making, and digitization and transformation of the industry.



Lally Research Seminars

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Dean’s Seminar Series

This series feature prominent external speakers with expertise in one of the topics related to the Rensselaer signature research thrusts, including financial technology, supply chain analytics, and digitalization and transformation.

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Lally Research Seminar Series

These seminars will attract prominent and emerging scholars working in research domains aligned with Lally research directions to engage Lally faculty and doctoral students.

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Data-Driven Intelligence and Decisions
Research examines the opportunities and problems that arise from data — from modeling and mitigating risk to countering or perpetuating biases.
Digitization and Transformation
Research explores how businesses, including those in fields such as health care, financial services, and manufacturing, are evolving and staying competitive in an increasingly digital business landscape.
Managing in the Digital Age
Research explores businesses operate and behave in the digital world — from examining how companies adapt their organizational structure to assessing the value of technology and human capital investments.
Emerging Technologies and Ethics
Research focuses on combating the adverse ethical consequences that arise from leveraging new technologies, including online platforms, social media, AI, algorithms, and more.


Centers of Excellence

At Lally, we believe in taking the educational experience beyond the classroom, harnessing the power of industry and research, and bringing it to the marketplace. Through our Centers of Excellence, we are defining the future of business.

Severino Center

Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship

Helps students innovate and commercialize their ideas through an array of valuable networking opportunities and programs led by experienced entrepreneurs.




Center for Research toward Advancing Financial Technologies (CRAFT)

Explores risks and unintended consequences of the emerging and unknown challenges facing the high-tech financial services industry.



Supply Chain Management

Center for Supply Networks and Analytics

Advances research and education in supply chain management and business analytics targeted at both academic and managerial audiences.



Ethics in the Management of Emerging Technologies

Center for Ethics in the Management of Emerging Technologies

Meets the challenge of uncharted ethical and moral dilemmas springing from emerging technologies.




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