Club Opportunities for Lally Students

Calling all Lally students! There are several clubs and activities for our students that provide networking and socialization opportunities. The Office of Student Services is working on restarting some dormant clubs as well as starting new ones. Below is a summary of club activity in early academic year 2023-24 available to all Lally students. If you have ideas, thoughts, or questions, please reach out to Professor Kevin Fletcher, director of undergraduate programs.

Active Clubs

Women in Business (WIB) is an active student-run club with faculty and staff-advisers that is open to all undergraduate and graduate students at RPI seeking to improve their professional, social, and personal skills. WIB is a social networking platform and a community that allows students interested in business to develop their soft skills in order to network effectively and create a more optimal career foundation.

Staff Adviser: Maggie Wright, Sr. Student Services Administrator

Rensselaer Finance Club (formerly the Buttonwood Club and Roebling Investment Club) is another very active student-run club primarily for those interested in finance, banking, and investments. The club provides programming and networking to help students get ready for careers in these fields, and they also manage the Student-Managed Fund — giving students experience in analyzing public companies, investment options, etc.

Meetings: Student Union, Ellsworth Room (2nd floor), from 2-3:30 p.m. on Wednesdays 
Faculty Adviser: Associate Professor Brian Clark

Clubs Being Rebooted

Lally Management Student Association is a student-run club that was active a few years ago (with an existing club charter and everything). It serves to cultivate social cohesiveness, service leadership, and an assortment of extracurricular, career, networking, cultural, and community development opportunities for Lally students. One activity being planned through this club, if there is interest from students, is possible involvement in the Spring Strategy “Capsim Challenge” in which student teams run a fictitious company in an online gaming environment competing with other student teams from around the world. Through this club, we’re also exploring the possibility of getting students involved in management consulting projects with industry and nonprofit partners.

Staff Adviser: Joshlin Sheridan, Sr. Student Services Administrator
Faculty Adviser: Professor Kevin Fletcher

APICS is the student chapter of the Association for Operations Management, including Supply Chain Management. It was formerly the American Products and Inventory Control Society, thus "APICS." This group will meet concurrently with the local chapter of the Capital Region this fall. Interested students should email Professor Kevin Fletcher.

Faculty Adviser: Professor T. Ravichandran


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